The Venge is more than just an aero road bike, it’s a fully integrated speed system. With Win-Tunnel-optimized aerodynamics and razor-sharp handling, the Venge defies the wind while keeping you as efficient as possible. Along with the FACT carbon frame and Body Geometry components, the Venge will keep you both fast and comfortable well into your ride. So whether it’s a 20-kilometer solo breakaway or sprinting for the county line, the Venge will be there, pushing you to go faster than you ever thought possible.

Models Available:

2019 S-Works Venge Frameset S$6,500
2019 S-Works Venge Di2 S$16,600
2019 Venge Pro UDi2 S$10,800

2018 S-Works Venge Vias Frameset S$6,000
2018 Venge Expert Disc Vias S$6,800

2017 Venge Pro Disc Vias UDi2 S$11,000 S$9,500 $8,900!
2017 Venge Expert Disc Vias S$6,800 S$5,499

2016 S-Works Venge Vias Di2 S$18,000 S$14,000
2016 Venge Pro Vias S$12,000 S$11,000

2015 S-Works Venge Frameset S$5,500 S$4,500
2015 Venge Lunchrace S$8,500 S$6,999

2012 Venge Pro Ui2 S$9,500 S$5,999