The dedication is intense. After months of training—brick-after-brick, endless transition drills, and getting that race nutrition dialed—one thing is clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-World Champion or a first time triathlete, the quest for the perfect race formula is never-ending. Our course-crushing Triathlon line is a key part of this formula, helping you transition to the run with energy left in the tank.


2018 S-Works Shiv Module S$6,300
2018 Shiv Sport S$3,400 S$3,200

2017 S-Works Shiv Module Artist S$7,000 S$6,000
2017 S-Works Shiv Module S$6,300 S$5,500
2017 Shiv Expert S$5,500 S$4,499

2016 S-Works Shiv Module S$7,500
2016 Shiv Elite S$4,250 S$3,499