At Tay Junction, we offer two types of servicing – Full Service & Half Service.

Full service includes disassembling of the drivetrain & headset. The components of the drivetrain get washed, cleaned, degreased while the frame and wheels received some cleaning treatment. After which, the components and headset will be greased and lubed and installed back on the frame.

Half service covers only dismantling and cleaning of the drivetrain. The components will then be installed back to its original state.

Servicing cost does not include the cost of any parts, cables or bearings replacements. In the event of a need to change any parts, additional costs will be incurred and informed beforehand.

Please note that for servicing of Mountain bikes, both full and half servicing does not include the following: re-bleeding of hydraulic brakes, servicing of front suspension and/or servicing of rear suspension. These 3 mentioned parts requires special servicing and is done separately from the course of a normal full or half service.




retul image


Retül Fit

Retül stands for being the most technically advanced bike fitting and product matching technology available on the market.

Simply make an appointment with us at the Specialized Concept Store @ 6636 9731, and we will be ready to help you. Upon arranging a session with our certified Fit Specialists, you will experience a fitting session of 3-4hours that covers an initial interview stage, followed by an assessment of your body structure and measurements and lastly, ending off with some corrections on the bike. After the fitting is done, riders will then be advised to try on the new position for an advised period of time before coming back in for a quick review session.

We offer the Retül Bike Fit at S$350 per bike, per session.




SRAM & RockShox Services

At Tay Junction, we are proud to be the local Sram distributor. Hence, servicing of Sram products and Rockshox servicing can be done in our stores. For more advice on the cost of service or to make an appointment to drop off your SRAM/Rockshox products for servicing, kindly call us at 6462 5158 prior to making your way down to our SRAM service center at the Bukit Timah outlet.