The weekend is approaching, and when the promise of adventure calls, you need a reliable mountain bike to hit the trails on. Lucky for you, the Pitch hardtail is dialed for everything from meandering terrain to singletrack. To make sure of it, we built the Pitch on 650b wheels for confident handling over rough terrain. And to take even more of the edge off, it features a plush 100mm-travel fork with Multi-Circuit Damping that delivers hydraulic dampened suspension and rebound performance akin to forks twice the price. In real-world conditions, this means that it will precisely tune out bumps, both big and small. Along with a confidence-inspiring geometry, the Pitch becomes the perfect package for both new rippers and seasoned riders alike.


2018 Pitch Men 650b S$700
2018 Pitch Wmn 650b S$700

2017 Pitch 650b S$850

2016 Pitch Sport 650b S$1,050