When did mountain biking get so uptight? As we see it, fun is a right, not a privilege. And no matter where or when you’re riding, it should always be at the heart of each pedal stroke. So whether you’re on singletrack, sand, or snow, your bike should perform with this in mind. Naturally, this is where our Fatboy mountain bike comes in. It’s built for good times, and most likely, it’s the one bike missing in your quiver. But with tire clearance for up to five inches, a lightweight M4 aluminum frame, snappy handling, and rack mounts that make it adventure-ready, the real question is, “what’s taken you so long?”


2016 Fatboy Comp Carbon S$4,800
2016 Fatboy Trail S$3,700
2016 Fatboy SE S$2,500
2016 Fatboy 24 S$1,500

2015 Fatboy S$2,999