XC World Championships, Olympic Gold, more Cape Epic wins than we can count—if a bike were the sum of its accolades, the Epic would sit atop the throne. But we think that a bike is the sum of its parts. After all, when you make the world’s fastest cross country mountain bike, those wins come naturally. To make sure of it, Epics feature our proven 29er Geometry and legendary FSR suspension. And to take FSR’s active and independent design a step further, we include our exclusive Mini Brain Rear Shock that’s engineered to read the terrain for the perfect, most efficient ride possible. Result? The Epic puts out more speed, control, and ultimately, more wins, than any other XC bike out there. It doesn’t get any faster.


2019 S-Works Epic Men Carbon 29 Frame S$5,200
2019 S-Works Epic HT Men Carbon 29 Frame S$4,000
2019 Epic HT Comp Carbon 29 S$3,800

2018 S-Works Epic Men 29 Limited Frame S$8,000
2018 S-Works Epic Men 29 Frame S$7,500
2018 S-Works Epic Men Sram 29 S$13,500
2018 Epic Men Expert Carbon 29 S$7,500 S$6,375
2018 Epic Men Comp 29 S$4,500
2018 S-Works Epic HT 29 Frame S$4,200 S$3,799
2018 Epic HT Men Comp Carbon 29 S$3,900

2017 S-Works Epic FSR WC 29 Limited Frame S$7,000
2017 Epic FSR Comp Carbon 29 S$5,500
2017 Epic HT Comp Carbon 29 S$3,900 S$2,999
2017 Epic HT Alloy 29 Frame S$850

2015 S-Works Epic 29 Frameset S$8,500
2015 Epic Comp Carbon 29 S$5,900 S$5,000

2014 S-Works Epic 29 S$14,000 S$13,000
2014 Epic Marathon Carbon 29 S$10,500 S$7,000
2014 Epic Comp 29 S$4,500 S$3,000