When you’re hanging it all on the line, there’s no room for failure. That’s why our Demo 8 downhill mountain bikes get right down to business. They’re designed to be the fastest race bike on the track, and after multiple World Cup wins, it’s safe to say that we did our job right. Throughout the line, you’ll find 200mm of our active & independent FSR suspension, aggressive S3 DH race geometry, revolutionary, easy-access asymmetrical frame, and 650b wheels. Altogether, you get a machine primed to give you maximum control over the gnarliest terrain that the mountain can muster.


2016 S-Works Demo 8 650b S$13,000

2015 S-Works Demo 8 Carbon 650b Frame S$7,000
2015 Demo 8 650b Frame S$3,600
2015 Demo 8 I 650b S$6,000

2014 S-Works Demo 8 Carbon Frame S$5,500
2014 Demo 8 Frame S$3,200
2014 Demo 8 I S$5,800

2013 Demo 8 II S$6,500
2013 Demo 8 I Carbon S$6,500