In life, one day is never the same as the next, and the same could be said for bike riding. Monday could include a few morning laps in the park, while Saturday might call for a day in the woods. And if this sounds all too familiar, you’re in need of a bike for all of the above and everything in between. This is where the Crosstrail comes in. It features an aluminum frame that makes the bike equal parts responsive, durable, and efficient, while the design utilizes our Body Geometry Fit science to ensure comfort across any terrain. This versatility is matched by a Multi-Circuit Damping fork, which in everyday terms, means that shock absorption at the front end is guaranteed to be smooth and predictable, whether you’re on the road or the dirt. Put it altogether, and you have a bike that’s just as versatile as yourself.


2018 Crosstrail Hydro Disc S$900
2017 Crosstrail Rim S$770
2016 Crosstrail Sport Disc S$1,200